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Creating Value with Fashion and Technology

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Sydney, Australia - In order to kick off the school week, artist Patricia Flanagan is using the LED Ribbon as an introduction to get forty University of New South Wales A&D students thinking about design, battery placement and how light can become another element to create emotion in a product.

360Fashion Network has teamed up with the school to help foster entrepreneurialism by giving a best practices seminar, with support from veteran LED Ribbon user, Designer Carley Rose, who attended the class to share her experience in working with the LED Ribbon in her hand beaded and embroidered LED Dress.

The UNSW A&D students are making bags using the LED Ribbon in a cooperation to also help them bring their creations to market. 360Fashion Network has set up small production manufacturing in order to produce and sell online the unique bags designed by the students. This gives them a taste of market deman and feedback on their designs. Which ever bags reach the minimum order quantity will go into production and shipped to the buyers and revenues from the sales will be shared with the young designers.

Not only will this cooperation give them experience on designing and creating a product with light and electronics, but a lesson on market feedback, producing a product, and customer response to the new generation of tech enabled products.

"It is great to engage UNSW A&D students in projects working with industry partners. They are really embracing the design task and coming up with some wonderful prototypes made with the LED Ribbon." Says Dr. Patricia Flanagan.

The LED Bags will be on display at the Fashion Fringe Sydney, Sartorial Event, where visitors can view the bags on the runway and see Carley Rose's LED Ribbon dress.  

Prototype bag created by Reina Cheong from UNSW A&D class participant.

360Fashion Network is very proud to have their LED Ribbon selected as a material for the 2016 UNSW A&D students and delighted to support the students in lighting up their products for the market as limited edition products for sale.

"When creating a tech enabled product, fashion designers need to not only think about the aesthetic, but also about how the consumers will respond to their designs, how the ease of manufacturing affects the pricing, along with the integration process." Says Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network. "We created the LED Bag project not only for mature brands to bring their light enabled products to the market, but also for the next generation of creatives to bring a real tech enabled product to the market for their portfolios to understand the process after the design is completed."

Julia Sharkey, Madaline Hopkins, Maggie Otto, and Heike Stephan, will have their bags featured in the Fashion Fringe Sartorial event on September 21st, 2016.

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