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The next level of beauty is here for hair.

Austin, Texas - Introduced in SXSW2017 Retail Innovation Lounge Conference, our feather flower fascinators took off with fashion tech success! With a plethora of film makers, super stars, and technology industry guru's it was the perfect place to showcase how adding gentle lights to your hair can bring a new perspective on fashion.

With our soft fabric e-textile LED Ribbon surrounded by feathers to create a flower effect, the lights are just gentle enough to make a person look again to know if it's a crystal or more creating the lighting effect. We received a lot of feedback from guests to the exhibition, telling us that the bridal industry would be a good fit, and also creative hair spaces.

The most popular were the black and red colors for hot evening occasions where one needs a bit of bling! Visitors either purchased immediately or gave us great feedback on how we could use them on dresses, jackets, coats, as accents in the hair. Be sure to purchase them now as we have only a limited quantity!

$40 USD + Shipping & Handelling

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