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This summer we met a very special young woman, Rosemarie Soma, who fell in love with our LED Ribbon and created a How to use the LED Ribbon video tutorial in order to help other makers know how to incorporate it into their designs. This video is outstanding and covers all the bases and is an excellent place to start if you haven't ever used tech before in your creations.

The video walks us through all the Do's and Don'ts of the LED Ribbon such as:

  • How to change the battery in the 3mm LED Ribbon and 15mm LED Ribbon
  • How to sew the LED Ribbon 
  • What to be aware of when handling the LED Ribbon
  • Ideas for what to do with the LED Ribbon
  • ...and more!
Rosemarie Soma is a studying fashion designer who uses Up-cycled materials in order to re-create fashion. Having this consciousness is a great example of how the LED Ribbon is a better choice for re-creating fashion than traditional LED hard copper strips - not soft and comfortable as an e-textile.
Rosemarie was featured on Queen of Raw's website in an interview about the future of fashion, where she kept up with her sustainable viewpoint by saying,

Working with 360Fashion Network's LED RIBBONS she created one-of-a-kind backpacks and statement necklaces, as well as tutorials to help other designers create tech-enabled products. When we asked her about her ideas for the future of solar-powered fashion she said:

What if the LED ribbon was powered by the sun, so our garments would charge when we were outside and then light up indoors? In a fashion technology interview I just watched, someone mentioned a dress that would heat up so you didn’t have to wear a jacket, much like an electric blanket. I wonder if that could be solar powered as well, with tiny solar panels as beads or embellishments along the shoulders. It could look really cool! 

Rosemarie Soma also created several projects with the LED Ribbon which will be great for other DIY fashion makers. We will be posting them online for you to follow in the next weeks!

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