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Our Partners are Bringing Fashion Tech to Latin America

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Mexico City, Mexico -- Last week our fantastic partners from Medula Design, have been in a Denim Seminar where they had the opportunity to showcase the designs of Argell Sednaoui who combined the Led Ribbons together with her Denim Designs. It was the first time the event took place in Mexico City and the industry focused audience loved the presentation. Mariana, founder of Medula Design, presented also 360Fashion Network and our 360Fash Tech Maker Kits, and our e-Textile LED Ribbon. The response was outstanding! Here we interview Mariana and Argell about the concept of combining Denim with Light!

Q: So tell us about the designs and how you decided to finally integrate the LED Ribbon into the clothing items?

Mariana: We wanted to create womenswear clothing that was fun to wear, something girls can wear during day and night at the same time and the LED technology complements innovation and fun.

Argell: As designers, we were invited to a fashion show to present garments that included technology. When people hear about technology in fashion, they started thinking about robotic dresses, futuristic trends and chrome colour. The LED technology hasn’t been incorporated in wearable clothing in Mexico and the idea of combining denim, a fabric that everybody uses and it’s so versatile, with the LED ribbon was a new and fun way to say “hey, you can look good, glamorous and feel comfortable wearing technology without worrying about being overdressed or feeling like a robot.”

Q: You said that the typical Denim style in Mexico has a lot of "bling" to them, so how did your designs differ from the traditional style and use of Denim in Latin American Fashion?

Mariana: Because of the cuts, fabric combination and replacing rhinestones with LEDs.

Argell: Denim is a fabric that can be very light weighted or heavy weighted; through the different washes & finishing processes you can give denim a whole new look. We processed some of the fabrics we used and worked with them thinking of a new way to see denim in clothing. Our designs differ because some pieces of the pieces used were cut on the bias, others in cross grain and a few more were made in the back of the fabric; these added a different twist to the way people see denim clothing.


The main difference is the LEDs. As a designer, you need to constantly experiment and thinking of new ways and ideas to incorporate different materials and innovations into the garments; the LED ribbon is unique and new in Mexico and it couldn’t have been a most perfect opportunity to experiment and come out with a new product that people can use in their everyday lives.

Q: What was the response from the audience about adding a new kind of "bling"?

Mariana: They love it!

Argell: They really like it, they thought it was groundbreaking.

Q: Any questions came up about technology and fashion combining together with Denim?

Mariana: Yes, there are some textile manufacturers interested in knowing more about the LED ribbon. Could be a great business maybe with independant designers or retailes.  

Argell: Of course. At the end of the show students, young independent designers and people from the textile industry were fascinated by the LED ribbon that came to us and asked about the LED ribbon and how we came up with the idea of putting them in a denim garment. They are really interested in knowing more about the ribbon and its various applications.

Q: Where do you see people wearing illuminated fashion in Mexico City?

Mariana: I think people would wear them in sneakers and jackets. And all those bike ridders!

Argell: Illuminated fashion is a new thing in Mexico City; I’ll say they would love lights in their shoes especially in sneakers, jackets from different fabrics, caps, all type of bags and in jewellery accessories like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, even rings.

Q: Who do you see as the customers of illuminated fashion or fashion tech?

Mariana: Young people that are influencers

Argell: Primarily fashion and costume designers. Also it girls and boys who aren’t afraid of taking risks in fashion, and people from the show business like dancers, singers, performers, magicians, stage actors. Everyone can wear illuminated fashion as long as they dare to try.

Q: What's next?!

Mariana: We would like to have an innovation workshop where designers and people interested in technology will come and participate exploring their creativity.

Argell: Yes, a workshop where designers can explore the endless possibilities that can be created with technology and fashion where people can come and realize that technology doesn’t mean the future or a world dominated by robots, but also where they can start seeing fashion tech as a way of complementing our style.

Are you ready to try the LED Ribbon yourself? Check out more info here.

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