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    A soft fabric e-textile that is easy to sew into clothing and accessories

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  • Our ribbon

    A soft, luxury ribbon with connected thread and micro LEDs to create illuminated products with. The LED Ribbon is easy to sew into clothing and accessories, can be customized to the desired length and light speed, and is water resistant. Fashion designers around the world are using our ribbon to create one-of-a-kind products and are only limited by their imaginations.
    Our vision is to empower fashion designers to create products using light and bring them to market. Our ribbon is a great place to start integrating electronics into products, add a special twist, and attract new customers.
    We promise to: 
    1. Connect designers with local partners trained with best practices and advice. 
    2. Promote products made with our ribbon in media and events worldwide. 
    3. Promote sales of the products on our website.
    4. Assist in manufacturing products, as needed.

    USA Partner: QUEEN OF RAW

    One stop shop for fabrics and our LED Ribbon


    MEXICO Partner: Medula Design

    Fashion consulting and our LED Ribbon


    GERMAN Partner: Make Rhein-Main

    Maker website for stylish people!

    CHINA Partner: 360Fashion Network CN

    Fashion consulting, manufacturing, 360Fash Tech Kits and our LED Ribbon

    We have strategic partners in USA, Mexico, Europe, and China

    Become a certified workshop teacher!

    Are you a fashion designer and would like to be booked for workshops to teach others how to create with the LED Ribbon?

    Coming soon is our teacher training program where we will train you to use our LED Ribbon and then promote you for workshops and showcases.


    Please send us an email info [at] 360Fashion [dot] net with your CV and a cover letter explaining where you live and why you would like to become a certified expert!

  • Our THoughts

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